Saturday, 23 January 2016

Kiss day text messages, SMS for boyfriend

Kiss day messages for boyfriend,  kiss day sms for your boyfriend,  kiss day text messages.

Kiss day wishes sms

Don't 't you want to impress your boyfriend on this kiss day?? Ya right. So as it's a technology world the major part is of this world. They in a text message you can impress your dates.  So cool do impress na,  it will take a single text or message. So as it's kiss day you must be wanting kiss day message for boyfriend. So that you can say in some lines how you are feeling on this day. Kisses are the best way to tell a person that how much you mean to them. Kisses are scientifically good and can boost your mood instantly. But those who stay far from thier love like distance relationships. They must feel bad that they can't kiss their love. So they send a message of kiss so that they can make their partners feel better. Kiss day wishes sms are the one which gives us instant smile. So send kiss day text messages to your friends. They will feel like you are there for him. And make them feel that you kissed him in real. All excited na!

Kiss day text messages, SMS for boyfriend

So friends here I am sharing some kiss day messages for your boyfriend :

Kiss day messages for boyfriend / kiss day sms for your boyfriend :

1. Today is the day when I miss you.
    Want to kiss you.
    On your lips.
    In the dark.
    Happy kiss day my love..

2. You kiss makes me feel that I am the one for you, you are the one for me.
     Happy kiss day.

3. Your gentle kiss on my forehead makes me feel I am the prettiest,
    When you kiss me on my cheeks I feel like pink blush on my cheeks.
    When you kiss me on my lips, I feel complete.
   Happy kiss day.

4. I want to get a kiss,
    And want to give you a kiss.
   On this kiss day.
   Happy kiss day.

5. I will kiss you whole my life.
    on your forehead,
    on your cheeks,
   And on your lips to keep you mine.
Ever and forever.
Happy kiss day.

Kiss day wishes sms :

1. I wish you a single kiss for every day because I heard kisses improve relationship.
Happy kiss day.

2. Your kisses really makes me feel top of the world. Happy kiss day my love.

3. Loving you is worship,
    Kissing you is is my love for you.
   I wish you a very happy kiss day.

4. Kiss day wishes for the person whom I want to kiss and like to kidd everyday.
   Happy kiss day.

5. I wanna kiss you my darling in dark passionately.  Happy kiss day.

So friends hope you all will celebrate this day with lots of kisses. And exchange messages.  Do comment us for queries and write us how we did.

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