Sunday, 24 January 2016

Kiss day marathi sms

Knock Knock,  kiss day has knocked the door. And if it's kiss day who can forget the marathi friends in this. Marathi language is really nice. Marathi culture really makes us feel good that as we live in different cities but still we all love each other languages and live together. Marathi people enjoy all the events in maratha culture. Marathi language and their culture really attracts to us. Marathi dresses and ganapati puja who can not forget. Really their language really has a charming style. Kiss day marathi sms are really good for marathi friends who want to share it on WhatsApp and Facebook. As marathi people want to express in marathi only. As English is our international language but as it said, nothing sounds better than your mother tongue. So my  marathi friends find marathi sms to share and for that they visit many websites.  But as many of people concentrate on English they forget to post marathi language sms. So my marathi friends you don't need to be disappointed. We will make your work easy. We will share some marathi sms for them.

So for marathi friends I will share  kiss day marathi sms for you all.

Kiss day marathi sms :

1. Pishil jithe jithe najar uchloon
Meench asel ubha onthavar smit gheun,
aalet kadhi jar tujhya dhonyat dhukhache ashru
Tula sukhache aandashru tithe tithe daun.
Happy kiss day.

2.  Tujhya bina me kadhi Nashtoch
Anthavreech onjal gheun
Ekantatahi tu astesach!
Happy kiss day.

3. Prem aani mrityu he ase pahnde aahet
kadi yeteel he sangta yet nahi
Panr do ghache kam matra saarkench
aahe ek hridaya chorte aani
Dusra tya hirdyache  thoke!
Happy kiss day.

4.  Datun alelya sandhya kali
Avchit un padantam
tasanch kahisam Paul na
Aapalya aayushtat prem yant!
Happy kiss day

So guys enjoy these kiss day  marathi sms and share it with your boyfriend and girlfriend on kiss day. Do comment your queries to us. Enjoy your kiss day.



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