Thursday, 28 January 2016

Kiss day sms in Bengali

Kiss Day is a very special day for  all the lovely lovers.  So they enjoy this day with more passion.  Rashogulla.. Yes Bengali language, In Bengali's people celebrate it very nice way also. Bengali language really sounds so cute and such things make our India a better country.  Bengali people have their own taste of celebration like their food, marriage, and living.  Bengali people want to celebrate every thing in Bengali through Bengali culture. 

So kiss day is also a day for Bengali which they want to celebrate in Bengali and in their own language. So Bengali talk in Bengali language always they share message and sms in  Bengali also. So for those who want to send kiss day sms in Bengali and want to express their feelings in Bengali. Bengali people are very expressive.  If a Bengali person want to express their feelings in Bengali than he need to find the relevant thing. So that they can share on WhatsApp and Facebook or in text sms. Where they want to share it.

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So friends here I am sharing kiss day sms in Bengali.

kiss day sms in bengali

Kiss day sms in Bengali 

1.  Ekla eka Bose Achi Kokhon Je Asbe tumi.Vabonar Dolnate Sarakhon  Vaschi Ami Jane Pran Jane Mon Jane A Hridoy. Tumi Amr Prothom Premer Prothom Surjodoy.

2. Ami Oboseshe Past Tense, Present Tense Aar Future Tense Sikhe Felechi ! Ami Tomake Bhalo Baastam, Tumake Bhalobasi, tumake Bhalo Bashbo !

3. Tur eccha golo ura bayrak pakhna doti mala
Dingoli tur jakna keta amni hasa khala,
Aoporno na thaka jano tur kuno shokh,
Ai kamonay bondo tuka Kiss Day Mubarak

4. Tur jonna aanta pari akas thaka tara,
Tui bolla bachta pari oxyzen chara,
Prithibi takeo lutate pari bondo turi pai,
Abar tuie bol avaba koto r mittha bola jai.

5. Aaj hote onek dure, Ei smritir kothar pore,
Abcha hoe amai jadi abar mone pore,
Ekbarti kanti pete sono amr dak,
Bujhie bolo samaytake ektu thomke thke.
Chilam ami,achi ami,thakbo nako pore,
Tai mone rekho 3ti katha, Tomay Mone Pore.

So guys enjoy these Bengali sms share with your girlfriend or boyfriend whom you want to share. So guys please comment us for queries and Enjoy kiss day.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Kiss day marathi sms

Knock Knock,  kiss day has knocked the door. And if it's kiss day who can forget the marathi friends in this. Marathi language is really nice. Marathi culture really makes us feel good that as we live in different cities but still we all love each other languages and live together. Marathi people enjoy all the events in maratha culture. Marathi language and their culture really attracts to us. Marathi dresses and ganapati puja who can not forget. Really their language really has a charming style. Kiss day marathi sms are really good for marathi friends who want to share it on WhatsApp and Facebook. As marathi people want to express in marathi only. As English is our international language but as it said, nothing sounds better than your mother tongue. So my  marathi friends find marathi sms to share and for that they visit many websites.  But as many of people concentrate on English they forget to post marathi language sms. So my marathi friends you don't need to be disappointed. We will make your work easy. We will share some marathi sms for them.

So for marathi friends I will share  kiss day marathi sms for you all.

Kiss day marathi sms :

1. Pishil jithe jithe najar uchloon
Meench asel ubha onthavar smit gheun,
aalet kadhi jar tujhya dhonyat dhukhache ashru
Tula sukhache aandashru tithe tithe daun.
Happy kiss day.

2.  Tujhya bina me kadhi Nashtoch
Anthavreech onjal gheun
Ekantatahi tu astesach!
Happy kiss day.

3. Prem aani mrityu he ase pahnde aahet
kadi yeteel he sangta yet nahi
Panr do ghache kam matra saarkench
aahe ek hridaya chorte aani
Dusra tya hirdyache  thoke!
Happy kiss day.

4.  Datun alelya sandhya kali
Avchit un padantam
tasanch kahisam Paul na
Aapalya aayushtat prem yant!
Happy kiss day

So guys enjoy these kiss day  marathi sms and share it with your boyfriend and girlfriend on kiss day. Do comment your queries to us. Enjoy your kiss day.


Saturday, 23 January 2016

Kiss day text messages, SMS for boyfriend

Kiss day messages for boyfriend,  kiss day sms for your boyfriend,  kiss day text messages.

Kiss day wishes sms

Don't 't you want to impress your boyfriend on this kiss day?? Ya right. So as it's a technology world the major part is of this world. They in a text message you can impress your dates.  So cool do impress na,  it will take a single text or message. So as it's kiss day you must be wanting kiss day message for boyfriend. So that you can say in some lines how you are feeling on this day. Kisses are the best way to tell a person that how much you mean to them. Kisses are scientifically good and can boost your mood instantly. But those who stay far from thier love like distance relationships. They must feel bad that they can't kiss their love. So they send a message of kiss so that they can make their partners feel better. Kiss day wishes sms are the one which gives us instant smile. So send kiss day text messages to your friends. They will feel like you are there for him. And make them feel that you kissed him in real. All excited na!

Kiss day text messages, SMS for boyfriend

So friends here I am sharing some kiss day messages for your boyfriend :

Kiss day messages for boyfriend / kiss day sms for your boyfriend :

1. Today is the day when I miss you.
    Want to kiss you.
    On your lips.
    In the dark.
    Happy kiss day my love..

2. You kiss makes me feel that I am the one for you, you are the one for me.
     Happy kiss day.

3. Your gentle kiss on my forehead makes me feel I am the prettiest,
    When you kiss me on my cheeks I feel like pink blush on my cheeks.
    When you kiss me on my lips, I feel complete.
   Happy kiss day.

4. I want to get a kiss,
    And want to give you a kiss.
   On this kiss day.
   Happy kiss day.

5. I will kiss you whole my life.
    on your forehead,
    on your cheeks,
   And on your lips to keep you mine.
Ever and forever.
Happy kiss day.

Kiss day wishes sms :

1. I wish you a single kiss for every day because I heard kisses improve relationship.
Happy kiss day.

2. Your kisses really makes me feel top of the world. Happy kiss day my love.

3. Loving you is worship,
    Kissing you is is my love for you.
   I wish you a very happy kiss day.

4. Kiss day wishes for the person whom I want to kiss and like to kidd everyday.
   Happy kiss day.

5. I wanna kiss you my darling in dark passionately.  Happy kiss day.

So friends hope you all will celebrate this day with lots of kisses. And exchange messages.  Do comment us for queries and write us how we did.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Kiss day whatsapp status, Facebook (fb) status

Kiss day whatsapp status, whatsapp status on kiss day, fb status on kiss day, kiss day Facebook status

Kiss Day occurs on 13 February each year. On this day a boyfriend put a kiss day Whatsapp status for his girlfriend or we put fb status on kiss day for our girlfriend And a girlfriend put a Whatsapp status on kiss day or kiss day whatsapp status to her boyfriend. On this day we want to kiss our girlfriend or boyfriend. But what happens we sometimes in the situation that we can't even kiss our girlfriend or boyfriend. We feel bad but who can deal with the hard luck. Okay so when we put a fb status on kiss day or whatsapp status on kiss day our girlfriend feels good and it's the best way to impress our girlfriend. If it's about boyfriend the technic is same we can put a kiss day Whatsapp status or kiss day whatsapp status. That feels great.

kiss day status

kiss day facebook whatsapp status

Just suppose if it's kiss day and your boyfriend is far away and he put a whatsapp status on kiss day than for sure you will feel happy and will feel the that distance doesn't matter for the true lovers. So its a easy way to impress your girlfriend and boyfriend.

So I am sharing here Kiss day whatsapp status, whatsapp status on kiss day,  fb status on kiss day, kiss day Facebook status. So that you don't feel trouble in finding them.

WhatsApp status on kiss day/ kiss day whatsapp status / fb status on kiss day / kiss day Facebook status 

1.  Your kisses and hugs are like stars. It gives me light in the dark.

2. I don't want to kiss you
    I just want to tell you
    How beautiful you are
3. On this kiss day I wanna say I want you and this is the reason I am on this planet.

4. Love is sweet
    And you are sweet
    And when our both's lips will meet than
    I will become a true love.

5. I wanna kiss you baby
    Miss you baby
    Let me  kiss you in the dark

6. I only want three things
    See you
    Hug you
    Kiss you.

7. When I kiss you I feel the way I never felt before.
   Happy kiss day.

8. Kissing you makes me realize how much you are important for me. Happy kiss day.

9. Your kiss is the feeling which connects my soul in every way.

10. I want to know you.
      I want to have you.
      I want to kiss you.

So guys hope you like  these fb status on kiss day and whatsapp status on kiss day. Do comment us for your queries.

Happy kiss day!

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